Things To Consider When Choosing A Custom Builder In Bayside, Melbourne

Are you one of those who want to have a custom-built home? You want it to your specification, where all your choices and criteria are met just the way you like it? Also, are you planning to for your new residence to be at Bayside Melbourne? 

It is one of the prime locations in Victoria’s city that will give you the peace and serenity of the ocean, the picturesque view from the comfort of your home. 

So if you are planning the construction of your home, there are few things you need to consider. Firstly it is important that for a custom home building you choose the builder carefully. Mainly select a builder or home construction company who understands the unique challenge of this area. 

A company that is aware of such challenges will navigate them and guide you in the right direction before the city council raises any issues. You would then definitely not want the construction to happen and s deemed illegal by the local authorities and demolished. 

Consult Bayside builders and consider your needs

When you decide to build your dream home in Melbourne’s most coveted areas, you must consult a licensed builder from the area. The reasons are mentioned below, but while consulting with the construction company, you also need to factor in a few criteria before making the final decision.

  • Check whether the building company is complying with your budget and price.
  • Check the reputation of the construction company.
  • Check whether the builders come with good references in the area.
  • Ensure that the building company you are hiring has financial stability in the market. 
  • Check the style that the construction company specialises in. Some specialise in a single-storey building, so if you plan on a lavish multi-storey house, you should select one who can do that. 
  • If you are building a sustainable and eco-friendly house, look for a building construction company specialising in the area. 
  • Decide on a company who will align with your needs, i.e. whether they are happy to entertain your everyday involvement in the project if you want that. Or are you the type who wants to just pay the money and ensure the work is done on time with limited involvement? 

Unique luxury designs, premium finishes

Since you plan to construct your dream home in Melbourne Bayside, it is vital that your living space and the building itself match the posh locality. Therefore, you need to find a builder who will cater to your needs, who will build a custom house that has a unique luxury design and offers a premium finish. 

You will find many reputed building companies who will consider every designing detail when planning your residence. A good construction company will ensure maximising the usage of the available land while enhancing the lifestyle that is unique to you.

A well-known builder specialised in constructing customised home design each property individually bears your need in mind. They will also ensure that the best quality materials and give the best luxurious, uber-glam finish to the property that fits with the local architecture. 

Only choose licensed Breayside builders

Like every suburb in Melbourne, this area has its own specific set of rules and criteria for constructing a building. It is the licensed Bayside builders who will be aware of these challenges. 3 main unique challenges that are exclusive to this area’s construction when it comes too customised of a house in Melbourne are:

1. Heritage Overlays (HO)

Depending on the bay area suburb, the entire neighbourhood or a single house may be heritage listed. This means any property or area with HO has historical significance. 

In such a case, any property, house and even trees within the HO will be scrutinised and undergo rigorous checking. Also, some additional requirements need to be followed when there is HO on a property. 

After adhering to all the rules and regulations set out by the HO; the permit for construction, renovation or restoration will be given. It is hence important that the builder is aware of these heritage requirements. 

2. Salinity

In the Bayside area salinity is an important concern for the property and house owners, mainly the seaside suburbs. Houses made of stone or brick and mortar faces quite a challenge due to the moisture-filled sea breeze with a high salt and water content. 

After the water’s evaporation, the salts are left behind that crystallises which can weaken the strength of the concrete and solidity of materials. It is hence important that the building projects are planned to consider these factor. 

3. Planning Permits

Since most of the area near the sea in Melbourne, mainly the Bayside has HO, the council is eager to maintain its unique character. A construction and planning company needs to develop a plan and get the building permit that fits the area’s surroundings. 

Custom built homes in Bayside Melbourne 

When you decide to live in one of the premier locations in Victoria’s capital city, you need to find a home that will exude your style. It is a vibrant place with leafy streets, from Brighton to Beaumaris. You can find a list of custom home builders and custom-built homes, that you will fall in love with the minute you enter the house. 

You can find the listing of custom-built houses of the area on the local real estate company listings or you can hire one to build a house for you when you find that rare plot of vacant land in this coveted area. 

But before zeroing on the house or the company who will be building it for you, ensure that they understand your need and requirements.


If and when you plan to have a customised house in the Bayside of Melbourne, you must find a reputed local builder, who will cater to your needs and requirements. They will also ensure that your house is HO approved while ensuring it has all the requirements you need at your home.