Domestic Cleaning Services

The modern lifestyle in Australia is busy, and if you don’t want to waste your time keeping your house tidy, there’s only one solution—domestic house cleaning services. You can rely on our house cleaning to take care of your home, so you can be at ease knowing that your home is in safe hands. Small or big, we can help you with all sorts of domestic cleaning tasks so you can spend your free time doing something you enjoy.

What is Domestic Cleaning?

When you hire us for domestic house cleaning, we promise a thorough job with a general clean. We use quality equipment and products (that are good for the environment, too) to make your house shine, every nook and corner.

 With our domestic home cleaning solution, we offer an all-around house cleaning; our home cleaning solutions include professional cleaning and tidying your home on a regular basis, either weekly or daily. We hoover and mop the floors, wash the bathrooms, tidy up your home, and clean the kitchen areas thoroughly, along with other miscellaneous cleaning tasks. If you’ve got a dusty spot in your home, we can clean it for you.

Our regular clean services come in various types, too, including oven cleaning job, catch-up home cleaning, recurring cleaning, end of lease cleaning, deep cleaning, and much more.

What Does a Domestic Deep Clean Involve?

Apart from regular house cleaning services, we also offer quality cleaning that you should totally consider occasionally. A deep clean has the power to transform your home. Essentially, we cover areas that aren’t covered by regular cleaning.

During a deep cleaning service, our domestic help team would wipe all the surfaces in your home, including countertops, furniture, appliances, windows, etc. Additionally, we also spend extra time in places that are more prone to being dirty, like the bathroom, basement, or kitchen. We clean the insides of the walls and window frames, wash all the blinds, carry out a deep dusting of every corner in your home, and remove grime and dirt from under the sink, within the oven, or in the basement.

How Much Does a Domestic Cleaning Service Cost?

A domestic cleaning solution usually costs around AUD 25 to AUD 40 per hour, depending on the size and condition of your home. On the other hand, domestic deep cleaning price ranges from AUD 70 to AUD 140; again, the deep cleaning charges depend on the size and condition of your home. The price may also vary depending on what part of Sydney you live in. Other add-on job services, like carpet cleaning or ceiling cleaning, come at an additional cost. 

Since prices vary so much in Australia, we recommend you to contact us right away. Once we understand your requirement and the scope of the job, our cleaning team will give you a quote for the appropriate service. 

How Long Does a Domestic Cleaning Service Take?

Our professional house domestic help team works efficiently without cutting any corners. So, a regular cleaning takes around two to four hours, depending on the size of your house. On the other hand, a domestic deep clean would take longer, since we have to clean the hidden corners of your home, especially the bathrooms. On average, a domestic deep clean service in Sydney takes at least five to six hours.

How Often Should You Book a Domestic Cleaner?

We recommend that you call your house cleaners at least once a week. While your home may look clean even if it’s not cleaned for two weeks, the dust buildup is still there. And too much dust and germ buildup are neither good for your home nor your health. So, it is best to have your home cleaned at least once a week. Whether you want your home cleaned on a weekend or a weekday, you can give us a call, and we will be there for a scheduled fortnightly clean.

As for a deep clean, you should consider having your home deep cleaned at least twice a year. The places that are not cleaned every day are often the places where pests, termites, or rodents like to live. Over time, such infestations can harm your home and even pose a risk to your family’s health. So, it is best to have your home deep cleaned once every six months.

Domestic Cleaning Sydney

We are a leading domestic house cleaning service provider, and we are known for simple, trusted, and convenient cleaning services. Booking a cleaning schedule with us is quite easy; we use the best products and practices to clean your home; and our friendly team of domestic cleaners are courteous and customer-oriented.

We are unlike other domestic cleaning company in Sydney. Whether it is using eco-friendly house cleaning products or having our cleaners fully insured, we always stay ahead of the curve, ensuring a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and peace of mind. And in our company, we carry out thorough background checks for our professionals, too. Plus, we offer competitive prices for domestic cleaning that are hard to beat in the city. We service the entire Sydney region, from Inner West to Sutherland Shire and from Eastern Suburbs to New South Wales. Give us a call now!